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About Sertec

Sertec is the synonym of a multidisciplinary team of project specialist in modern technology.

Our company is over 30 years active in construction, road construction, hydraulic engineering, mechanics, piping, HVAC, industrial automation, electro-technology, production, …

Using knowledge and technology as base material, our people support you from pre-engineering and project support until the complete realisation of your projects.

Thanks to our background and experience, we offer specialised services with regard to professional advice and expert realisation.

Our Services

Design &

For each project Sertec has the right man on the right place. People who have got the know-how and the organization force that will give you, right from the start, an idea of the final result: a well-founded turnkey project meeting your demands in every aspect.

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  • architecture, construction and finishing
  • concrete and steel structures
  • electricity
  • mechanics
  • piping, instrumentation
  • HVAC
  • civil engineering
  • infrastructure
  • windows and doors
  • stability

Field & Project Management

Sertec can offer you more. Multidimensional staff members with a panoramic view, people who permanently up-date their knowledge and skills and who realise that their job is not an isolated activity, but a dialogue between project specialists.

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  • construction coordination
  • field follow-up
  • constructions, new and renovation
  • civil and utility constructions
  • instrumentation
  • automation
  • maintenance
  • quality support
  • warehouse reorganisation
  • HVAC
  • water treatment
  • production optimisation
  • PLC
  • rotating equipment
  • prevention and security
  • infrastructure
  • piping
  • production
  • facility
  • environment
  • network management
  • administration

Administration & Implementation

You need certainties. Sertec fills in those needs for you. Our technicians are appreciated for their professional knowledge and the confidence they inspire in our clients.

Sertec moreover always thinks constructively along with you.

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  • technical documents
  • draw up technical specifications
  • survey
  • work planning en preparation
  • tenders, cost-estimation, subsequent calculation, offers
  • implementation of SAP

Support Services

Sertec also provides a wide range of supporting services.
Qualified employees will be able to assist you in carrying out specialized support assignments.

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  • technical translation
  • vibration analysis
  • calibrating
  • calculations with regard to stability, reinforced concrete, steel constructions, heat loss
  • technical translations
  • ISO-certificates
  • EPB

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